Redneck Rubber is Water-Based Non-Toxic and contains ZERO V.O.C's.

About Us

Thanks for pushing our buttons. It gets a little lonely over here in the swamp sometimes. I'll tell ya this much though ....If there's one thing we know all about ..... it's WATERPROOFING !!!!! We got our first waterproofing licence in 1988 and we've been scraping mud off our boots ever since. After trying every new wonder goop that slick sales dudes were pushing at us for years, we finally realized (we may be a tad slow) that the only way to stop water permanently was to get our own product that went on wet and remained flexible no matter what Old Lady Nature tossed at it.

Bingo.... the birth of Redneck Rubber. Bring it on Mother Nature. Trust me when I tell ya .... we give that old broad a run for her money. Redneck Rubber is a non-toxic, water-based liquid rubber in a pail that knocked the ball out of the park not only for waterproofing but it has now proved to be fantastic in a whole bunch of other applications.

We had no idea going-in that it would work fantastic on the underside of vehicles or stopping effloressence in masonry walls or even stop leaks in boats.... Go Figure !!!! Whatever your project is, if it involves getting water stopped Redneck Rubber will get the job done. Tell your Ma ...

Tell you Pa ....Redneck Rubber